DIY Pocket Embroidery on a Grainline Studio Willow Tank

embroidery willow tank


I've had the dreamy image of a tank top with an embroidered pocket in my mind for awhile now.  This seemed like the perfect excuse to sew up my own tank top using Grainline Studio's Willow Tank sewing pattern.  For the embroidery of the pocket, I used my free embroidery pattern, Ease

This is a fairly quick project that can give any shirt new life. If you aren't interested in sewing your own tank top, I recommend looking in your closet or stopping by a thrift store for a shirt that needs a really cool pocket. Check out the step-by-step tutorial below:


1. Measure and trace a square the size of your finished pocket onto a piece of scrap paper.  Cut it out and use it as a template to trace around onto your pocket fabric. My pocket square (and finished pocket) measures 4"x3.75".  

Note: Make sure your piece of fabric is big enough to stick in an embroidery hoop.  I had enough extra linen left over that it wasn’t an issue, but you may be working with less.

transfer pocket square to fabric

2. Print the Ease pattern and trim it down.  Decide how you want the placement to be.  I cut the pattern in half and centered it on the bottom edge of the pocket, but you may want to play with different positioning.


print and position ease pattern on pocket


3.  Transfer the Ease embroidery pattern.  I used the transfer paper method for this project.  If you'd like to learn about the many ways to transfer a pattern, check out my step-by-step guide here.


transfer ease embroidery pattern to fabric


You're now ready for the best part. Stick your fabric in a hoop and embroider!


embroider pocket




  1. Now it’s time to attach the pocket to your fully constructed Willow tank (or any other item of clothing you think deserves a pocket this great). Cut around your pocket square, leaving .5” of extra fabric around the entire pocket square.
  1. Carefully fold under extra fabric, pin each side in place, and press with an iron.
  1. Sew a line along the top edge, securing the edge.
  1. Pin your pocket to the front of your shirt.  It’s helpful to try on your shirt at this point to make sure you’re happy with the placement.
  1. Sew around the sides and bottom edge, securing the pocket to your shirt.
  1. Trim all your loose ends, and you’re done!


embroidery pocket willow tank

    embroidery pocket willow tank